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FitGrid makes it simple to bring the personal touch to your business.  Finally you can use one integrated platform to manage interactions among staff, instructors and clients so customers get that special attention that drives revenue, retention and profits.  

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FitGrid Studio

For owners

Our Studio Admin system guides the right interactions to the right clients, from the right team members, at the right times, and lets you see the results.

FitGrid Pro

for instructors

Our Instructor App gives instructors insight into their classes so they can create more tailored experiences that bring people back, over and over. 

FitGrid Client

For Everyone

A Social Network for your studio designed to connect clients to each other, strengthen your community and increase loyalty to the studio.

FitGrid Studio For Owners

Daily Recommendation System

Start your FitGrid Studio experience with Daily Recommendations. Now you and your staff can know exactly how to move the business forward, every day, with a personal touch. Let us recommend the right actions towards the right clients by the right members of your team, at the right time.

  • Smart Segments

    FitGrid divides your client base into segments so you can intervene with at-risk clients or recognize your most loyal ones.

  • Action Plans

    Every day FitGrid sends your staff recommendations on which customers to reach out to, removing the guesswork around client engagement.

  • Scripts & Messages

    FitGrid provides templates for messages your staff can use, or modify, to achieve the goal of the communication (e.g. encourage a return visit).

  • Client Profiles

    Client Profiles offer details about clients' history with your studio so messages can be further tailored by staff.

  • Effectiveness Insights

    Staff Effectiveness Insights give an overview of how many tasks staff completed and which team members were most productive.  

FitGrid Pro for Instructors

FitGrid Pro Instructor App

FitGrid's Instructor App offers real-time client reviews on instructors, class rosters and overviews, instructor task lists, and follow-up messaging that let instructors interact with clients, all while keeping important client information confidential.  

  • Reviews

    Instructors receive anonymous, written reviews from the clients they teach, allowing them to optimize performance and improve the class experience.  

  • Rosters

    Class Rosters let instructors know who to expect at each session, with insight into client details (e.g. notes from other instructors) so they can personalize interactions.

  • Overviews

    Class Overviews give instructors a rich, visual overview of their clients, including demographic info, visit history, and more, to better customize classes.

  • Follow-ups

    Follow-up messages can be sent directly from instructors, strengthening client connections to the studio through the people clients interact with most. 

  • Tasks

    Task Lists offer recommendations on specific clients to interact with in class, at critical points in their journey, bringing an even more personal touch to their studio experience. 


    FitGrid AI

    Underlying FitGrid's approach to community driven business is our FitGrid Intelligence. This powerful system continually learns and recommends the best way to interact with clients to keep them engaged and connected to your community. The more you use FitGrid, the better the recommendations and the business results get, and the stronger your community becomes. 
  • Studio Owner Testimonial

    Luke Catenacci, F45

    FitGrid has been a game-changer for us. Running our F45 locations has been non-stop crazy, so making the change to let our coaches help us boost retention and sales has been a lifesaver, especially since that aligns with their commission structure.

  • Studio Owner Testimonial

    Heather, Pure Body Studios

    My goal for the business has always been to increase revenue without increasing the workload, and retention is a big part of that. FitGrid specifically works toward my retention strategy, as a way to increase retention and increase revenue.

  • Studio Owner Testimonial

    Marc, The Bar Method

    The instructors using the platform are loving it, so they tell me... On the management side, we are in the process of asking for "more" from our instructors with respect to client reach outs, etc... So I can't scare them off by asking too much at once. 

  • Instructor Testimonial

    Nichole, The12

    I love FitGrid and I feel like it’s helped me build my classes and become closer to studio members. It’s a consistent pattern of making sure you let the members know they matter and you’re here for them. Let them know that you really care about them achieving their personal goals. I have members come up to me saying, "I received your follow-up message" and "thank you for reaching out!"

  • Instructor Testimonial

    Sarah, Rush Cycle

    With FitGrid, making stronger connections and creating an engaged community is possible! Instructors have communication access to all clients and are able to reach out with a personal, unique touch that sets our studio apart from the rest. 

  • Instructor Testimonial

    Buffy, Y2 Yoga

    FitGrid is an awesome tool. I have found it to be very valuable in recognizing and acknowledging new students in my classes. Because of FitGrid, I’ve been able to connect with students, continue to show them personalized attention and encourage them to grow their yoga practice.

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FitGrid is the only smart community management software that helps fitness studio owners drive success. By connecting staff, instructors, and clients through a powerful learning and recommendation grid, we help you leverage the power of your community to drive your studio’s profitability.

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